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Kniha Shunt : The Story of James Hunt (Tom Rubython) -

Shunt : The Story of James Hunt (Tom Rubython)


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Myrtle Press: James Hunt was no ordinary racing driver and this is no ordinary sports biography. Hunt was simply the most colourful and charismatic driver ever to have raced in Formula One. Tom Rubython, the author of the best-selling Life of Senna, has written a new biography called Shunt - the story of James Hunt. At 624 pages plus 64 pages of photographs, this promises to be the sports biography of the year. Meticulously planned, enthusiastically researched and passionately written, this is the definitive biography of Hunt for all time. The launch will be accompanied by a press campaign, serialisations and advertising, combined with an 18-city book tour by the author.

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0956565603