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DVD Little Einsteins - Race For Space -

Little Einsteins - Race For Space (DVD)

Disney (2008)

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Go on an adventure with Little Einsteins in this interactive animated series. With the help of their spaceship named Rocket, these kids solve mysteries and make discoveries. This time, June, Leo, Annie, and Quincy are on a race to save the Three Little Piggies. One of the famed porkers' airplanes has gone haywire! But Rocket had better push himself to the max if wants to reach them in time. Then, a competition around the world pits the gang, once more, against the villainous schemes of Big Jet. Specially made for starry-eyed youngsters, this collection of out-of-this world adventures is designed to delight.

Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: neuvedený