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Liar's Poker (Michael Lewis)


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Hodder & Stoughton General Division: ‘An amazing book, readable, funny and mind-boggling ... one of the great business books of all time’ (Punch )

‘Read all about it: headlong greed, inarticulate obscenity, Animal House horseplay . . .’ (The Sunday Times )

‘Immense verve and wit’ (20/20 Magazine )

‘A highly immoral book’ (Daily Mail )

‘Wickedly funny’ (Daily Express )

‘As traders would say, this book is a buy’ (Financial Times )

The Sunday Times

'This rip-the-lid-off account of the bond-dealing brouhaha is the work of a real-life bond salesman...'

Rok vydania: 2006 ISBN: 0340839961 Rozmer: neuvedený