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The Thief (Ruth Rendell)


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Cornerstone: "'Rendell knows how to make your hair stand up straight on your head' Maeve Binchy 'Rendell's eerie capacity to comprehend disturbed criminal minds continues to astonish' The Times 'It's impossible to read the terrors abroad in her shabby streetscapes without total emotional involvement' Sunday Times"

What you do in childhood may come back to haunt you. Stealing things from people who had upset her was something Polly did quite a lot. There was her Aunt Pauline; a girl at school; a boyfriend who left her. And there was the man on the plane...Humiliated and scared by a total stranger Polly does what she always does. She steals something. But she never could have imagined that her desire for revenge would have such terrifying results.

Rok vydania: 2006 ISBN: 0099497883 Rozmer: neuvedený