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DVD Orphan Black: Series One -

Orphan Black: Series One


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All ten episodes from the first season of the Canadian/US sci-fi drama starring Tatiana Maslany as identical women who are revealed to be clones. Seeing a chance for some easy money, street hustler and thief Sarah (Maslany) assumes the identity of Beth Childs, with whom she bears an uncanny resemblance, after she witnesses her committing suicide. Hoping to clear out the dead woman's bank account and start afresh, Sarah instead finds herself drawn into a deadly conspiracy when she discovers that, not only was Beth her clone, but that many more clones exist, each living their own distinct lives.

But even as Sarah tries to discover the truth, she realises that someone is working their way through the remaining clones, killing them one-by-one, and that now, she's on the list. The episodes are: 'Natural Selection', 'Instinct', 'Variation Under Nature', 'Effects of External Conditions'. 'Conditions of Existence', 'Variations Under Domestication', 'Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner', 'Entangled Bank', 'Unconscious Selection' and 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful'.

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