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DVD Extras - The Collection -

Extras - The Collection


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Contains series one and two of the comedy show EXTRAS, as well as the EXTRAS special.
In series one, Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) is an actor but his agent cannot get him an acting job. Instead he is just an extra in films, ever hopeful that one day he will actually get some lines. Ricky Gervais' follow up series to the enormously successful THE OFFICE sees Gervais repeating the acute observations on real life used in THE OFFICE, this time in the world of films. Guest stars on EXTRAS include both Hollywood actors (Ben Stiller, Kate Winslett, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Stewart) and actors familiar to British television viewers (Ross Kemp and Les Dennis). All the actors are more than happy to send themselves up, whether it be Patrick Stewart and his sex obsession or Kate Winslett only deciding to do a Holocaust film because she thinks she'll win an Oscar for it.
Series two of EXTRAS finds extra Andy Millman commissioned by the BBC to create and star in the sitcom 'When The Whistle Blows'. However, Andy's initial happiness with his achievement is soon quelled when he finds he has to make a lowest common denominator show in order to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Andy's sitcom has been transformed from a show that was in many ways like Gervais' groundbreaking previous show THE OFFICE into a catchphrase-driven show that's filmed in front of a studio audience. Additionally, he has been told that he has to wear large glasses and a curly perm wig. The second series of EXTRAS sees Millman attempting to adjust to fame and life in the public eye and the compromises that come with. Guest stars include Robert De Niro, Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Jonathan Ross, Sir Ian McKellen, and Daniel Radcliffe.
The two series of the deadpan comedy come to a close in this sensational finale. At this point, Ricky Gervais's lowly extra, Andy Millman, has finally made some headway in the entertainment industry. Millman's sitcom, WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS, has been commissioned and is an outright hit. Unfortunately its three series of predictable plotlines and critical beatings have begun to weigh on its creator. In this climax to the celebrity-studded series, Andy Millman has to make the tough decision on whether to give up all he's worked for in a bid for respectability.

Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: neuvedený