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DVD Dallas - Season 11 -

Dallas - Season 11


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Pulling in viewers in their droves, DALLAS offered viewers a glimpse into the glamourous world of the Texan elite. Its mix of big hair, big shoulder pads, scandals, and melodrama proved to be a winning combination, catapulting the show into the echelons of soap opera royalty, and making it one of the biggest hits of the 1980s. Centred on the lives and affairs of the uber-rich Ewing family, DALLAS derived much of its drama from the decadent, materialistic values of the '80s; namely money, sex, and power. Starring Larry Hagman as the nefarious J.R. Ewing, the series also boasted a talented supporting cast, including Howard Keel, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, and many more. This release contains every episode from the show's eleventh series.

Herci: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Barbara Bel Geddes, Ken Kercheval

Jazyk: anglický, nemecký, maďarský Rok vydania: 2009 Rozmer: neuvedený Obal: DVD obal Titulky: anglické, nemecké, maďarské, švédske

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