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Kniha Network Marketing for Facebook - Jim Lupkin

Network Marketing for Facebook

Proven Social Media Techniques for Direct Sales and MLM Success

Jim LupkinCreatespace (2014)

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Network Marketing for Facebook contains the only proven marketing system for direct sales on Facebook, and the only one created by a successful network marketing distributor. Find an unlimited supply of customers and distributors for your products and business. Make more money with the same or less effort than your current approach. Two world-class social media marketers, Jim Lupkin & Brian Carter teach you how to build and grow your distribution network with Facebook, which gives you direct access to more than 1.32 billion people. As co-author Jim Lupkin says, "I am the customer for this book. I have failed and succeeded as a network-marketing distributor and I used social media to help me succeed. I know what the distributor is going through and because of that I can talk to them in a way that no one else can." Whether you're a beginning or advanced network marketer, you will learn how to get people to try samples, buy products and become distributors, and the most natural ways to make new connections and nurture those relationships.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2014 Rozmer: 130×205 mm ISBN: 9781502328168 Počet strán: 166 Väzba: brožovaná

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