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The Danube River of Life

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"I first visited Podunajsko (a part of Slovakia near the Danube River) in the early ´60s. I launched charming expeditions into this, at that time, little known part of the word – a practically virgin forest full of animals and insects and waters teeming with fish. The wilderness, as a result of the annual flooding, has changed its form all the time and always held new surprises for me. Until today, as a photographer I have recorded the changes on the Danube. This area is still full of life after construction of Gabčíkovo Waterworks. There are still beautiful places and quiet corners in Podunajsko, thanks to which, this area is among the important natural beauties of Slovakia."


ISBN: 8071451924 Rozmer: 200×290 mm Počet strán: 136 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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