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Kniha Hinman's Atlas of Urosurgical Anatomy - Greg T. MacLennan

Hinman's Atlas of Urosurgical Anatomy

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Suitable for Residents and experienced urologic surgeons alike, this title features radiologic and pathologic images that help you to visualize the complexities of the genitourinary tract and its surrounding anatomy so you can avoid complications and provide optimal patient outcomes.

New to this Edition:
  • View the anatomy of genitourinary and other organs and their surrounding structures through detailed illustrations, most of which are newly colored since the 1st Edition, conveniently organized by body region.
  • Understand normal anatomy and selected alterations in normal anatomy more completely through a large collection of newly added clinical, radiologic and pathologic images.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2012 Rozmer: 231×313 mm ISBN: 9781416040897 Počet strán: 384

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