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Kniha Syntactic Structures and Morphological Information - Uwe Junghanns, Luka Szucsich

Syntactic Structures and Morphological Information

Syntactic Structures and Morphological Information

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The book contains ten papers discussing issues of the relation between syntax and morphology from the perspective of morphologically rich languages including, among others, Indo-European languages, indigenous languages of the Americas, Turkish, and Hungarian. The overall question discussed in this book is to what extent morphological information shows up in syntactic structures and how this information is represented. The authors adopt different theoretical frameworks such as the Derivational Theory of Morphology, Distributed Optimality, Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar, Lexical-Functional Grammar, Lexical Decomposition Grammar combined with Linking Theory and OT-like constraints, Paradigm-Based Morphosyntax as well as the Principles and Parameters Approach of Generative Grammar.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2003 ISBN: 9783110178241 Počet strán: 428 Väzba: pevná

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