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Kniha Klasické experimenty v genetike - Ľubomír Tomaška

Klasické experimenty v genetike

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Genetics is one of the most vibrant branches of science. This is exemplified by the exponential growth of the number of publications dealing with various aspects of heredity, the number of scientists currently involved in genetic research or the vast amount of information provided by the contemporary genetic textbooks. The success of genetics is the result of several extraordinary personal stories. Their actors, thanks to their intuition and talent, unconventional methodological approaches and very often also a large dose of luck, were able to falsify the incorrect views on the mechanisms of heredity and lay the foundation of modern genetics. Importantly, the paths to many facts, today considered trivial, were at least as interesting as the discoveries themselves. The book Classical experiments in genetics has the ambition to lead its readers along these paths, to enable them to participate in the exciting revelations of the mysteries of inheritance and to inspire them for their own intellectual expeditions into the unexplored continents of contemporary biology.

Text v slovenskom jazyku.

Jazyk: slovenský, anglický Rok vydania: 2015 Rozmer: 152×229 mm ISBN: 9781511481717 Počet strán: 244 Väzba: brožovaná

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