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Kniha Gardens in France - Marie-Françoise Valéry

Gardens in France

TASCHEN Gmbh: Joli jardinWhen flowers meet French charmFrom stylized Zen gardens in Provence to cactus displays on the Cote...

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TASCHEN Gmbh: Joli jardin

When flowers meet French charm

From stylized Zen gardens in Provence to cactus displays on the Cote d Azur, from classical palace gardens to quaint domestic beds, travel round the most beautiful gardens in France, home to some of the most elegant, charming, and inspiring horticulture in the world.

The typical plants of each climatic region are represented delphiniums, roses and irises in the North, and Californian poppies, santolinas, and lavender in the Midi. With pictures through every season, celebrate the particular beauty of spring, summer, fall, and winter, and discover plenty of inspiring ideas for your own garden. The collection celebrates both such famous displays as Villandry, Versailles, and the gardens of Claude Monet, as well as lesser known gems of equal, if smaller-scale, charm.

A spectacular source book for all garden and nature lovers, this is also a special travel guide for any visitors to France, with a number of the chosen gardens open to the public.

Jazyk: anglický, francúzsky, nemecký Rok vydania: 2015 Rozmer: 248×323 mm ISBN: 9783836556552 Počet strán: 340 Väzba: brožovaná

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