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Kniha The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing - Jeremy McCarthy

The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing

A Guide to the Science of Holistic Healing

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The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing is the culmination of years of research in psychology, positive psychology, and the science of holistic wellbeing. The spa industry markets itself as offering holistic wellness through a variety of services intended to enhance wellbeing across body, mind and spirit. This book explores the science behind the claims of the spa industry and looks for possible applications to enhance the impact of a spa as a center for holistic healing. This book is intended for: Spa and holistic healing professionals who want to use the latest science to deepen their impact on human wellbeing. Healthcare professionals who want to learn more about a holistic approach to wellness. Anyone interested in a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on holistic wellness.

In this book, readers will learn: The history, philosophy and culture of the world of spas and its role in modern society How to approach human wellbeing holistically, considering body, mind and spirit and the interactions between these domains The psychology of the spa experience and the links between psychological wellbeing and health The latest research from the field of positive psychology and how it can be applied in a spa or other center for health and wellness An overview of the research on stress and stress relief, the number one reason consumers visit spas The elements of a healthy "spa lifestyle" and the latest research on behavior modification and positive lifestyle change The spa industry has a rich history and culture of holistic healing, but lacks a foundation in science. Modern medicine and healthcare is informed by the science of recent decades but ignores the holistic nature of human wellbeing. This book explores the latest scientific research in wellbeing to assess the evidence of the spa industry's impact on health and to explore applications and interventions that could be used to create a new, more effective healing institution that combines the best of science and philosophy.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2013 Rozmer: 154×229 mm ISBN: 9781483939933 Počet strán: 158 Väzba: brožovaná

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