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Dinner with Frida

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If you could have dinner with any artist, who would it be?

A Mexican fiesta awaits in the garden at Casa Azul, but only if you can make it past some spider monkeys, hairless dogs, a fawn and an Amazonian parrot. Join Frida (and Frida and Frida), along with Diego Rivera, Leon Trotsky and a trio of powerful women - Josephine Baker, Georgia O'Keeffe and Jacqueline Lamba - as you piece together the artists, artworks and surroundings that bring Frida Kahlo's passionate story to life.

Do you know why Frida wore long colourful skirts? Or why she often claimed to be three years younger than she was? The answers to all these questions, along with 23 other insightful Frida-facts, have been printed on the inside lid of the puzzle. Brace yourself for one of the most iconic, most interesting artist stories in history as you take up the challenge of this 1000-piece puzzle.

The Dinner Date Jigsaw Puzzle series is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of history's most famous artists. It is a high-quality, luxury puzzle. Each puzzle piece is backed with white board, ensuring that the puzzle doesn't fray, but is still compatible with puzzle glue.

Completed puzzle measures 48.5 x 68 cm.

Rok vydania: 2022 Katalógové číslo: 9781760762933 Rozmer: 269×272 mm Dielikov: 1000 Jazyk: angličtina

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