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The Cure - Pictures of You

Tom SheehanWelbeck (2022)

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The definitive collection of renowned photographer Tom Sheehan's images of The Cure - with photographs seen here for the very first time.

Spanning three decades, more than 20 sessions, and hundreds of images, Tom Sheehan's photographs of The Cure are a breathtaking visual chronicle of the most important alternative rock band in the world.

Encompassing early portraits, epic live shows, studio sessions, and snatched moments on tour around the world, Sheehan's photographs capture the band's journey from cult heroes to global rock stars. Many of the images published in this brand-new book have never been seen anywhere before now.

Beautifully presented in a cloth-bound hardback and featuring a new, original four-part biography by acclaimed author Simon Goddard, this is the ultimate collection of Sheehan's work, indispensable to any fan of The Cure.

Rok vydania: 2022 ISBN: 9781802793963 Rozmer: 260×194 mm Počet strán: 256 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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