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Professional Visual Studio 2012

Bruce JohnsonWrox (2012)

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This expert Wrox guide is what you need to get up and running quickly on Visual Studio 2012. Written by a Microsoft Visual C# MVP, it guides you through the integrated development environment (IDE), showing you how to maximize all new tools and improvements.

- Offers programmers a fast way to IDE-centric programming success
- Demonstrates new IDE features, including the new Metro style app project templates and Windows 8 app store features
- Explains each feature, then illustrates the context in which it will help you solve problems
- Covers timely and essential topics related to rich client app development, web applications, application services, file configuration, debugging and testing, and more
- Helps advanced users customize and extend Visual Studio through the Automation Model, writing macros, working with the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), and more
- Provides ample detail for programmers who are new to Visual Studio 2012, as well as for experienced programmers exploring the advanced capabilities of the IDE

Professional Visual Studio 2012 uses a unique, IDE-centric approach to help you get up and running quickly on this exciting new release.

Rok vydania: 2012 ISBN: 9781118337707 Rozmer: 187×235 mm Počet strán: 1021 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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