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The Master Key to Riches

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Discover how to open your mind to success and wealth with this easy-to-read guide to personal achievement. Written by Napoleon Hill, author of the self-help classic Think and Grow Rich, the book is based on the principles behind the achievements of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and other prosperous thinkers and businessmen of the twentieth century. Millions of readers around the world have adopted its philosophy to attain career advancement, improve friendships and business relationships, build monetary wealth, and lead richer, fuller lives. Hill shares the insider tips he learned from the top tycoons of his era, including The Law of Cosmic Habitforce, Andrew Carnegie's "Master Mind" Method, The Magic of Going the "Extra Mile," and The Twelve True Riches of Life. These principles — involving willpower, self-discipline, and positive thinking — can be applied by anyone of any age, regardless of occupation or economic circumstance.

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Rok vydania: 2009 ISBN: 9780486474731 Rozmer: 144×215 mm Počet strán: 288 Väzba: brožovaná Jazyk: angličtina

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