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Some Rain Must Fall (e-kniha)

My Struggle Book 5

EPUB (Adobe DRM) Karl Ove KnausgaardRandom House (2016) • Séria My Struggle • 5. diel

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An exhilarating story of ambition, joy and failure in early manhood from the international phenomenon, Karl Ove Knausgaard.

As the youngest student to be admitted to Bergen's prestigious Writing Academy, Karl Ove arrives full of excitement and writerly aspirations. Soon though, he is stripped of his youthful illusions. His writing is revealed to be puerile and clich d, and his social efforts are a dismal failure.

He drowns his shame in drink and rock music.

Then, little by little, things begin to change. He falls in love, gives up writing and the beginnings of an adult life take shape. That is, until his self-destructive binges and the irresistible lure of the writer's struggle pull him back.

Rok vydania: 2016 Počet strán: 672 Jazyk: angličtina

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