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High On… Modern Villas

Ralf DaabLoft Publications (2020) • Séria High On…

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Thirty-six architects from Europe and the USA present their very latest projects for luxury villas – from a villa in the city to a lakeside location and those on the coast or in the mountains. The book features over 100 unique and stunning houses.

Several factors play into the planning and construction of a modern villa: First of all, a visionary homeowner who wishes to create a special place to live for himself and his family and who also has the liquid assets to realize this—otherwise the vision would remain just that: a vision. Secondly, a visionary architect, who manages to develop solutions that meet the wishes and demands of the client, but who also takes climatic and topographical conditions into account. A productive cooperation between architect and client is only possible if mutual respect and empathy are given from the very beginning and if both agree on how the project is to be built. From the floor plan to the division of the individual rooms and the design of the exterior areas, the needs of the client are decisive for the planning. This is complemented by aspects of sustainability regarding energy generation, storage, and consumption, as well as the use of natural building materials. In addition to the proportions ofthe individual spaces, the interior design is decisive for a sense of well-being. This design, often created by the architect himself, flows into the entire creative process, while still offering the client enough freedom for individual decisions with regard to furniture, lighting, and art. The thirty-eight architects featured in this book are exemplary of the high demands placed on the construction of private residential buildings and, with over 100 MODERN VILLAS, present a broad spectrum of their work with plenty of space for inspiration.

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Rok vydania: 2020 ISBN: 9788499367095 Rozmer: 234×348 mm Počet strán: 336 Väzba: pevná Jazyk: angličtina

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