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Kniha Britain, 2nd Edition Pack (with workbook) (O'Driscoll, J.) [Paperback] - James O'Driscoll

Britain, 2nd Edition Pack (with workbook) (O'Driscoll, J.) [Paperback]

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* Gives students a real insight into what it means to live in Britain today.
* Provides the historical and cultural background of British society and institutions, as well as the private daily life of the British people.
* Charts, graphs, extracts from popular fiction and newspapers etc. provide additional information.
* Questions at the end of each chapter encourage analysis of the text and cross-cultural comparison.
* Updated with new photographs and illustrations.
* NEW Workbook with activities to encourage students to think about cultural issues raised in the book, to make comparisons with their own culture, and to revise and reinforce the book`s content and language.
* NEW website, regularly updated with new information and statistics plus useful links to media and government websites.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2009 Rozmer: 219×275 mm ISBN: 9780194306478 Väzba: brožovaná

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