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Chris Naunton

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Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt

An exciting archeological exploration of ancient Egypt that examines the potential for discovering the remaining “lost” tombs of the pharaohs. Tombs, mummies, and funerary items make up a significant portion ... Zobraziť viac

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Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt

Where are the tombs of Alexander the Great or Cleopatra? Both rulers were buried in Egypt, but their tombs have never been found despite years of intensive research and excavation. Yet we have tantalizing clues. Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt... Zobraziť viac

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Egyptologists’ Notebooks

For centuries the beguiling ancient ruins of Egypt have provided an endless source of fascination for explorers, antiquarians, treasure hunters and archaeologists... Zobraziť viac

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