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Bernd Jonkmanns

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The Art of Punk/New Wave-Covers

Bernd Jonkmanns, Seltmann (2019)
365 Vinyl Covers- One For Every Day (Volume 1)

Tear-off calendar, shrink-wrapped with stand-up display. This brilliant new tear-off calendar is introduced for Christmas 2019 sales showing off 365 brand new pictures of the most legendary Punk or New Wave LP covers from the past 40 years.. Zobraziť viac

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The Art of Hip Hop Covers Calendar

A tear-off calendar with attached easel stand Best of Hip Hop and Rap. Finest vinyl artwork from the beginning in the 1970s to today. Vinyl records and record stores are currently experiencing a revival and with this, the artistically designed covers... Zobraziť viac

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