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The Completion Process: The Practice of Putti...


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Hay House Uk:

Few of us have lived through the kind of suffering Teal Swan endured: 13 years of ritual abuse at the hands of a cult. But all of us have been fractured by trauma in one way or another. Your wounds may be visible as bodily scars; or they may show up in the form of anxiety, depression or PTSD; or you may simply be struggling in your life for reasons you simply don't understand.
The good news is that you can heal your wounds. The Completion Process invites you on a profound journey of self-exploration and self-restoration to reclaim the lost parts of you and return to a joyous life, no longer
inhibited by the past or terrified of the future.
Drawing on her wide range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, Teal offers a revolutionary 18-step process for healing any past hurt or present problem. Learn how to:
Create a haven in your mind where it's safe to re-enter a difficult memory
Validate painful emotions
Let your feelings shift naturally towards relief
Close the memory of trauma and begin a 'new life'
This is not only healing work it's also the work of enlightenment. It will leave you with a stronger sense of value and hope in the world, and the assurance that life can be good again.

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