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William Curley

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Couture Chocolate

William Curley, Aurum Press (2011)
Vydavatel: Jacqui Small Počet strán: 224 Jazyk: English Rozmery: 27.2 x 21.3 x 3 cm ISBN: 9781906417598 Väzba: pevná väzba (Hard

At one time, cocoa beans were prized so highly they were used as currency and only the privileged could enjoy what the Aztecs knew as 'xocoatl'. Nowadays, high-quality chocolate is widely available in many different delicious ... Zobraziť viac

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William Curley, , Aurum Press (2014)
Jacqui Small: 'A profoundly pleasurable book which offers that rare combination of daring, accomplished technique...

Michel and Alain Roux Patisserie reflects award-winning chocolatier, William Curley's passion for taking classic recipes and modernizing them with his own innovations. Creating top-quality patisserie is often seen as something only ... Zobraziť viac

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