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Richard Shepherd

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The Seven Ages of Death

Dr Richard Shepherd, a medical detective and Britain's top forensic pathologist, shares twenty-four of his most intriguing, enlightening and never-before-told cases... Zobraziť viac

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Unnatural Causes

Meet the forensic pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd. A detective in his own right, he must solve the mystery of sudden and unexplained deaths. He has performed over 23,000 autopsies, including some of the most high-profile cases of recent times; ... Zobraziť viac

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The Seven Ages of Death

The Seven Ages of Death

Richard Shepherd, Michael Joseph (2021)
A Forensic Pathologist’s Journey Through Life

As a medical detective, each autopsy he carries out is its own unique investigation, uncovering the secrets not only of how a person died, but also of how, through every stage of life, the risks to each of us ebb and flow... Zobraziť viac

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