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3 Minutes

Börge Hellström, Anders Roslund, Quercus (2018)
Ewert Grens 6

Presumed dead by the Stockholm police, master criminal and undercover informant Piet Hoffmann is now on the run from the Swedish authorities, living with his wife and two young sons under an assumed name in Cali, Colombia... Zobraziť viac

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Three Seconds (Perfect Paperback) (Anders Roslund , Börge Hellström , Kari Dicks

Anders Roslund, Börge Hellström, Quercus (2011)
Vydavatel: Quercus Publishing Plc Rozmery: 17.6 x 11.2 x 4.4 cm ISBN: 9780857384065

Piet Hoffman is the best undercover operative in the Swedish police force, but only one other man is even aware of his existence. When a drug deal he is involved in goes badly wrong, he is faced with the hardest mission of his life: to infiltrate Sweden.. Zobraziť viac

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