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Batman Two Face Face The Face Deluxe Edition... (James Robinson)

James Robinson, DC Comics (2017)
DC Comics: Batman has returned to Gotham after leaving the cowl behind for a year following the DC Universe-spanning event,...

The Dynamic Duo known as Batman and Robin have returned to Gotham after a year of absence. During that time Harvey Dent was left as the city’s protector. Batman and Robin find that some of their most notorious foes are being brutally murdered ... Zobraziť viac

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Batman: Detective Comics (Volume 9)

James Robinson, Stephen Segovia, DC Comics (2019)
Deface the Face

Long ago, Harvey Dent wasn't just a good man—he was the best man in all of Gotham City. As the town's District Attorney, the city's so-called golden boy put away murderers, thieves and mob bosses by the dozens. But there's one organization he couldn't pu Zobraziť viac

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