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Shades of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince

Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author V.E. Schwab and torn from the universe of the Shades of Magic sequence, this all-original comic book prequel to A Darker Shade of Magic is perfect for fans of bloody... Zobraziť viac

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The Need

She crouched in front of the mirror in the dark, clinging to them. The baby in her right arm, the child in her left. There were footsteps in the other room... Zobraziť viac

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Wild Women

Mariella Frostrup, Head of Zeus (2019)
And their amazing adventures over land, sea & air

From Constantinople to Crimea, from Antarctica to the Andes, women throughout history have travelled across land and sea and recorded their adventures. This is a collection of more than 50 of the greatest escapades ever experienced and told by women... Zobraziť viac

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Fight Like A Girl

An incendiary debut taking the world by storm, Fight Like A Girl is an essential manifesto for feminists new, old and soon-to-be. Online sensation and fearless feminist heroine, Clementine Ford is a beacon of hope and inspiration to thousands of women... Zobraziť viac

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The Fate of Food

Amanda Little, Oneworld (2019)
What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World

Is the future of food looking bleak - or better than ever? At a time when every day brings news of drought and famine, Amanda Little investigates what it will take to feed a hotter, hungrier, more crowded world. She explores the past along with... Zobraziť viac

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Memoirs of a Book Thief

Paris in the 1950s: the reign of Sartre and existentialism. Daniel Brodin-bibliophile, book thief, self-proclaimed poet-enters the heated atmosphere of the Cafe Serbier, home of the Parisian literati. A poetry night is taking place and... Zobraziť viac

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Harley Quinn

The Penguin and Harley Quinn have been stuck in a cold war...and it's about to heat up! Making a long-term investment in a Gotham City that's crawling with Bats isn't the Penguin's style, so now he's hell-bent on making Coney Island his new nest... Zobraziť viac

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A magnificently fresh and unexpected biography of Churchill, by one of Britain's most acclaimed historians. Winston Churchill towers over every other figure in twentieth-century British history. By the time of his death at the age of 90 in 1965... Zobraziť viac

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Dune Messiah

Frank Herbert, Ace (2019)

Book Two in the Magnificent Dune Chroniclesthe Bestselling Science Fiction Adventure of All TimeDune Messiah continues the story of Paul Atreides, better knownand fearedas the man christened Muad'Dib. As Emperor of the known universe, he possesses more... Zobraziť viac

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Can We All Be Feminist?

June Eric-Udorie, Virago (2019)
Seventeen writers on intersectionality, identity and finding the right way forward for feminism

Shortlisted for the 2019 Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing'Amid debates about the direction of the modern feminist movement, Can We All Be Feminists?, edited by June Eric-Udorie, presents new writing from 17 women on finding... Zobraziť viac

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The Garden Jungle

Dave Goulson, Vintage (2019)
or Gardening to Save the Planet

The Garden Jungle is about the wildlife that lives right under our noses, in our gardens and parks, between the gaps in the pavement, and in the soil beneath our feet. Wherever you are right now, the chances are that there are worms, woodlice... Zobraziť viac

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The Killer Across The Table

In The Killer Across the Table, legendary FBI criminal profiler and number one bestselling author John Douglas delves deep into the lives and crimes of four of the most disturbing and complex predatory killers he's encountered, offering ... Zobraziť viac

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Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Marvel (2019)
No Road Home

The team that brought you AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER re-unite for an all-new weekly AVENGERS adventure! Night has fallen across the universe. Now seven Avengers - and one new addition - journey forth to bring back the light. But when the threat they... Zobraziť viac

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Ferrari Collector’s Edition

A production unparalleled in scale, this massive tome offers unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and from private collectors, to reveal the full story behind Ferrari’s protagonists, victories, past, and future... Zobraziť viac

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Nezlob dědu Pohodlíčko / Be Good For Grandpa Comfy - Tummy

Když je maminka v práci, Hanka je doma s dědou Pohodlíčkem. Pomáhá mu na zahrádce, hrají si, ale Hanka má jeden velký problém. Děda špatně slyší a tak často neodpovídá na otázky. Zobraziť viac

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Washington Black

Washington Black

Esi Edugyan, Folio (2019)

When two English brothers take the helm of a Barbados sugar plantation, Washington Black - an eleven-year-old field slave - finds himself selected as personal servant to one of them. The eccentric Christopher 'Titch' Wilde is a... Zobraziť viac

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Thor by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman

Jason Aaron, Marvel (2019)
Volume 3

Death comes for the Mighty Thor! But first, she must survive the Asgard/Shi'ar War! Plus, as Malekith's manipulations threaten all there is, Jane Foster recruits Angela and Sif to her new League of Realms - and leads them on a deadly mission into Dark... Zobraziť viac

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Conan Chronicles - Epic Collection

Kurt Busiek, Marvel (2019)
The Heart Of Yag-kosha

The Tower of the Elephant and other stories! Conan the Barbarian stars in more legendary tales filled with swords, sorcery, giant spiders and monstrous creatures - including stories adapted from the original works of Robert E. Howard... Zobraziť viac

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Prague (from sprig to winter)

Ella & Max (2019)
Jigsaws - Colouring pages - Quizzes

Tato knížka představuje nejkrásnější místa a zákoutí našeho hlavního města – stověžaté Prahy. Navštívíte zde Karlův most a pokocháte se výhledem na Pražský hrad. Zavítáte na Malostranské... Zobraziť viac

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Prokletý svět (v ruskom jazyku)

Prokletý svět je druhá část trilogie Korporace Galaktika. V tomto díle se čtenář dozví, co bylo před událostmi popsanými v prvním díle „Nikdy nelétej na Nový Mars“... Zobraziť viac

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