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A Short History of Ireland

A brisk, concise, and readable overview of Irish history from the Protestant Reformation to the dawn of the twenty-first century Five centuries of Irish history are explored in this informative and accessible volume... Zobraziť viac

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Alfred Hitchcock

Paul Duncan, Taschen (2018)
The Complete Films

Meet the inventor of modern horror. This complete guideto the Hitchcock canon is a movie buff’s dream: from his 1925 debut The Pleasure Gardento 1976’s swan song Family Plot, we trace the filmmaker’s entire life and career... Zobraziť viac

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Night Over Water

Set during the outbreak of the Second World War, Night Over Water is about a perilous journey across the Atlantic to escape Britain, from the number one bestseller and master of the historical thriller, Ken Follett... Zobraziť viac

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The Sea Journal

Huw Lewis-Jones, Thames & Hudson (2019)
Seafarers' Sketchbooks

The sea has been an endless source of fascination, at once both alluring and mysterious, a place of wonder and terror. The Sea Journal contains first-hand records by a great range of travellers of their encounters with strange creatures and new ... Zobraziť viac

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Will Norwich, Phaidon (2019)
The Greatest Rooms of the Century

A stunning collection of the best living spaces created and commissioned by the most influential people in interior designInteriors: The Greatest Rooms of the Century is the ultimate global celebration of residential interior design and decorating... Zobraziť viac

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In the Shadow of Wolves

Winner of the Georg Dehio Book Prize 2018The Second World War is drawing to a close, but the world is far from safe. Left to fend for themselves, women and children are forced out of their homes in East Prussia to make way for the advancing victors... Zobraziť viac

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Michael Wolff, Little, Brown (2019)
Trump Under Fire

With Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff defined the first phase of the Trump administration; now, in Siege, he has written an equally essential and explosive book about a presidency that is under fire from almost every side... Zobraziť viac

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I Have an Idea!

From one of the true creative geniuses of this generation comes a unique meditation on and celebration of the magic of the birth of a simple idea. Sparkling with visual wit and bubbling with imagination, this is a richly emotional ... Zobraziť viac

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The Laws of Human Nature

From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power comes the definitive new book on decoding the behavior of the people around you. Robert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy ... Zobraziť viac

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To Finnian Voy, magic is two things: a knife to hold under the throat of anyone who crosses her, and a disguise she shrugs on as easily as others pull on cloaks. As a talented faceshifter, it's been years since Finn has seen her own face, and that's... Zobraziť viac

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Japan Emoji!

Ed Griffiths, Ebury (2019)
The Characterful Guide to Living Japanese

Do you know what most of the emojis on your phone mean? Understanding their meaning is to understand modern Japan. Experience everyday Japanese living and discover the quirks and secrets from the home of Ikigai and forest bathing with this smart, ... Zobraziť viac

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Didaktika plavání

Irena Čechovská, Tomáš Miler, Karolinum (2019)
Vybrané kapitoly

Publikace, kterou připravil kolektiv autorů z katedry plaveckých sportů Fakulty tělesné výchovy a sportu Univerzity Karlovy, je určena pro posluchače studijních oborů tělesná výchova a sport a pro zájemce o plaveckou výuku... Zobraziť viac

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Cesta může být širší než delší / The path might be wider than longer

Denisa Kujelová, Kateřina Vincourová, Kant (2019)
24. mikulovské výtvarné sympozium "dílna" 2017

Publikace byla vydána k 24. jubilejnímu Mikulovskému výtvarnému sympoziu “dílna“. Je koncipována jako knižní publikace, která prostřednictvím rozhovorů přibližuje nejen myšlení a tvorbu zúčastněných autorů, ale také se stala alespoň dílčím dokumentem o... Zobraziť viac

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Von Mathesius bis Masaryk

Karl W. Schwarz, Univerzita Karlova v Praze (2019)
Über den Protestantismus in den böhmischen Ländern zwischen Asch/Aš und Teschen/Těšín/Cieszyn

Kniha je souborem statí významného rakouského církevního historika Karla W. Schwarze soustředěných na problematiku protestantismu v českých zemích. Ve čtyřech tematických okruzích předkládá sondy do oblasti josefínské tolerance, posta Zobraziť viac

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Jeanette Winterson, Penguin Books (2019)
A Love Story

In Brexit Britain, a young transgender doctor called Ry is falling in love – against their better judgement – with Victor Stein, a celebrated professor leading the public debate around AI... Zobraziť viac

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Translated literally as ‘pictures run riot’, manga refers to a form of Japanese narrative art that has grown over the centuries to become a global phenomenon. Initially referring to graphic prints, novels and comics, manga has expanded beyond its ... Zobraziť viac

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King of Fashion

Paul Poiret, V and A (2019)
The autobiography of Paul Poiret

Paul Poiret (1879–1944) led the fashion world in the first decades of the 20th century. His autobiography tells the story of the meteoric rise of a draper’s son to the “King of Fashion.” From his humble Parisian childhood, ... Zobraziť viac

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Happiness for Beginners

Molly Baker is living her best life. Thirty-eight years old, she lives on the twenty-five-acre Hope Farm in Buckinghamshire, surrounded by (mostly) four-legged friends and rolling hills. There's Anthony the anti-social sheep, ... Zobraziť viac

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Robert Phillips, Thames & Hudson (2019)
Design by and for the People

We have grown accustomed to two beliefs: the first, that only experts can be designers; the second, that our everyday activities are harming the natural world. Yet, with new platforms, digital communication and engaged online communities, ... Zobraziť viac

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Painting Masterclass

Susie Hodge, Thames & Hudson (2019)
Creative Techniques of 100 Great Artists

Drawing Masterclass explores the act of vision of the world’s great artists, describing how their work was created to allow you to weave some of their magic into your own paintings. With detailed analyses and instructive creative tips sections, ... Zobraziť viac

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