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Kniha Architecture Inspiration [GB] [TASCHEN] -

Architecture Inspiration [GB] [TASCHEN]

Contemporary residential architecture is a clear reflection of social and economic change. Leaving aside the familiar...

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Contemporary residential architecture is a clear reflection of social and economic change. Leaving aside the familiar terraced homes found on so many housing estates, this architectural field is producing novel, innovative designs showing technical advances in construction technology applied to single family homes.
This book offers a comprehensive selection of family residences from all over the world, original, personalized constructions which reflect their owner’s requisites and preferences. New family models and a greater degree of occupational mobility are just two of the many factors currently redefining the home.

Owners today have access to more information, are far more knowledgeable of architecture and interior design, and have a much better defined area of their requirements. Hence, projects are built to meet specific demands and solutions are devised individually for each client. We find instances where huge windows break down the barrier between indoors and outdoors, flooding the home with natural light; where ample multiple-function spaces or rooms are fully customized for specific uses; where studies and work areas are clearly distinguished from living and resting areas, and where bedrooms have become a secluded, intimate part of the house.

In today’s home, anything is possible.The residences reviewed in this volume show how a very wide range of materials can be used to adapt constructions to their surroundings, and not vice-versa. In most cases, these materials are highly compatible with nature and the environment.

The architectural programmes in conjunction with geographical location are instrumental in defining a house’s exterior forms. The following pages portray original solutions and novel techniques for blending architecture with its entourage or conversely creating a powerful visual and aesthetic contrast.

All options are possible: there are no limits to interior designers’ and architects’ creativity. Each of the homes in Architecture Inspirations are comprehensive projects where exterior and interior design carry equal weight. This book aims to present the latest trends in residential architecture and interior design, propose a variety of styles, and serve as a source of inspiration to readers.

Furthermore, this collection may suggest ideas for building a new house or for redecorating the home, with practical, ingenious, audacious schemes for creating personalized environs and homes fully adapted to individual lifestyles. It is organized in chapters where projects are grouped by geographical location (city and suburban, village, country, mountain or waterfront) for maximum clarity and so that readers may identify instantly with the works illustrated.

Jazyk: anglický, francúzsky, nemecký, španielsky, taliansky Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: 295×295 mm ISBN: 9788492731282 Počet strán: 708 Väzba: pevná

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