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DVD Harry And Max [2003] -

Harry And Max [2003]


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The relationship between two brothers who followed separate yet equally successful roads to pop stardom forms the focus for 'Harry And Max'. Harry is practically an industry veteran at the ripe age of 23, but his teen-pop band is facing a tough time connecting with a maturing audience that is rapidly leaving the band behind. Sixteen-year-old Max is just getting a foothold in the business, but is already making vital inroads into the pre-teen pop scene. The relationship between the two has been distant for many years, so Harry suggests the brothers go on a camping trip to rekindle their relationship. What initially starts out as a friendly vacation, in which Harry hopes to dispense some sage words of wisdom about the music industry to his wide-eyed and innocent brother, soon plunges into something altogether darker. Max confesses his homosexuality, reveals his relationship with a 40-year-old male teacher, and perhaps most shockingly of all, openly admits his sexual desire for Harry. Things get worse as Harry tracks down the teacher, only to seduce him in a parking lot, sparking a series of betrayals between the brothers that neatly sets up an engrossing conclusion to the film. An engaging examination of an entirely dysfunctional relationship, the film opens up a fascinating discourse on topics such as incest, trust, homosexuality, and paedophilia. The gutsy performances from Bryce Johnson and Cole Williams deserve great applause, especially considering the formidable subject matter with which they were working. A consuming and deeply eloquent movie, 'Harry And Max' is an audacious, fearless piece of filmmaking.

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