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DVD North Face [2008] -

North Face [2008]


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Journey to a heart-stopping landscape of danger and relive 48 white-knuckle hours that would go down in history. This is the incredible story behind the first ever attempted scaling of the North Face of the infamous Eiger mountain. Summer 1936. Bearing the expectations of a nation and their Fuhrer, two climbers set out to be the first to conquer the last great problem . But soon their ascent becomes a race for survival threatened by injury and extreme storms. Suddenly, it becomes a pulse-pounding race against both time and the awesome forces of nature.

NORTH FACE is the tense, edge-of-your-seat documentary that relives 48 death-defying hours in the lives of the two climbers who scaled the eponymous wall of the Eiger Mountain in 1936. What started as an event that bore the expectations of their nation and Fuhrer became a race for survival when the pair became threatened by serious injury and unrelenting weather conditions.

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