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Kniha Outdoor Photography Masterclass (Niall Benvie) -

Outdoor Photography Masterclass (Niall Benvie)


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Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd: This book shows readers how to create their own breath-taking outdoor shots. Based on a three-day workshop, "Outdoor Photography Masterclass" is packed with information, tips, colour photographs and practical exercises, designed to take the reader right through from beginner to master photographer. Each day starts with learning the fundamental aspects, and then these new-found skills can be taken into the field, before working through some production skills and finally reading up on the history and forerunners of photography. Niall Benvie's approachable writing style and numerous examples of his own work make this book easy to follow and a joy to read.

About the Author

Professional photographer Niall Benvie is a founding fellow of the International League of Conversation Photographers. He has already written several books as well as numerous magazine articles on the skills and enjoyment to be found within outdoor photography.

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 1861086792