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Kniha The Most Beautiful Medieval Bibles (Christian Gastgeber) (Hardback) - Christian Gastgeber, Stephan Fussel

The Most Beautiful Medieval Bibles (Christian Gastgeber) (Hardback)

Taschen - "...a stunning reminder of a time when the word of God inspired images of astonishing luminosity and daunting levels o

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In the beginning was the word, and in the Middle Ages was the zenith of the Bible. It was a time when bibles were commissioned by kings, princes, and high-ranking members of the Curia, whose wealth and influence begat ornately illustrated bibles of extraordinary craftsmanship. The Most Beautiful Bibles covers examples from every epoch of the Middle Ages, presenting the Bible as it was visualized in both theological and historical contexts. As the beauty and significance of the illustrations are undeniable, the manuscripts are also examined from an art historical point of view. Texts by Andreas Fingernagel, Stephan Füssel, Christian Gastgeber, and a team of 15 scientific authors describe each manuscript in detail and explore the evolution of the Bible as well as the medieval understanding of history that is inherent in these versions of the Bible; also included is a glossary of important terms so that those not versed in bible history can enjoy the texts as well.

This sumptuous publication of these rare and significant manuscripts—reproduced with the impeccable quality and modest price tag for which TASCHEN is known - is a truly divine event.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: 245x370 mm ISBN: 9783836502993 Počet strán: 320 Väzba: pevná

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