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Kniha Sign Language Link : A Pocket Dictionary of Signs (Cath Smith) -

Sign Language Link : A Pocket Dictionary of Signs (Cath Smith)


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Co-Sign Communications: Naomi Chunilal, TALK magazine, National Deaf Children's Society, Issue no. 169 Autumn 1998.

This latest book on learning BSL is comprehensive and up to date reference guide to many commonly used signs. Written for parents, other learners at all levels and BSL tutors, it is a clear and 'easy to use' dictionary of signs giving pictures along with a written explanation of each sign. It also explains different meanings for each sign and the context in which to use them. The book outlines the role of the British and American finger spelling alphabets and gives details of how to sign each letter in both systems. A list of useful organisations is included at the back. This pocket-sized book is crammed full of accessible information in a clear format at a reasonable price.

Book Description

Sign Language Link was first published in March 1998 in pocket book format and the contents were refined and revised in March 1999. The accessible, convenient pocket edition continues to be immensely popular with beginners. However, this new DESK edition has been produced in response to requests for material in larger print and format for people with limited vision, that can be opened flat and leave the hands free. Intended to supplement Deaf Awareness and sign language classes, it will be continually revised, updated and expanded in response to need. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. The Appendices now include notes of guidance for communication with people with combined sight and hearing loss alongside the illustrated deafblind manual, with the British two-handed and American one-handed fingerspelling alphabets from the first edition. The Useful Address section is fully updated, and a comprehensive Index has been added. The addition of the PREFACE sets the scene that calls for change. In spite of the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, deaf people's needs remain little understood by professionals and the general public alike. Until British Sign Language is given equal status to other minority language, the Deaf community will remain an oppressed minority. Contains 360 illustrations of everyday signs in alphabetical order of the English headings. The headings give each sign's meanings in context, with explanatory captions of how the sign is made and details of facial/bodily expressions and other variations of the same sign. 168 pages approximately 8" x 6" paperback published 1999 by Co-Sign Communications, Stockton on Tees.

Rok vydania: 2002 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0953506959