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DVD The Servant [1963] -

The Servant [1963]


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In THE SERVANT, Joseph Losey's 10th film made in the U.K. after his 1951 blacklisting in the U.S., the powerful undercurrents of class struggle and sexual repression erupt through the very British patina of civility to expose the poisoned undercurrents of a class-based society. Dirk Bogarde plays Barrett a seductive and insidious manservant hired by flamboyant playboy Tony (James Fox, in his film debut) to take control of his newly established household. When asked what he wants in a manservant, Tony responds, "Well...everything." And that's just what Barrett takes. As his awe-inspiring efficiency gives way to a suspicious and overarching control, Tony's fiancee, Susan (Wendy Craig), begins to nurture a severe dislike of the omnipresent Barrett. When Barrett brings his girlfriend on as the maid--telling Tony that she is his sister--the inevitable disaster that results sees Barrett (and girlfriend) expelled from the household and Tony left by his fiancee. Alone and left to his own rather debauched devices in his spectacularly appointed bachelor pad, Tony eventually rehires Barrett and the role reversal becomes complete as the two reestablish the household--however, now with Barrett seemingly at its head. Losey's pessimistic obsession with character and English class system is cynically crystallized in this ironic allegory penned by Harold Pinter, based on the novel by Robin Maugham.

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