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Kniha How to be a Great Lover (Lou Paget) -

How to be a Great Lover (Lou Paget)


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Little, Brown Book Group: Many sex instruction books only give you new positions to try, and it takes more than uncomfortable angles to make a woman a great lover. To really blow a man's mind, you need to know the tips, tricks and techniques that will create fantastic, unique sensations for him, and leave him begging for more. To be remembered as a great lover, you need the innovative, proven ideas from Lou Paget's sell-out Sexuality Seminars. Written with humour, style and refreshing honesty, Lou goes where many sex books fear to tread and explores new topics usually avoided by other books on the subject. Unique, completely frank, and unlike any other sexual instruction book you have ever read! For more information on Lou Paget please visit at www.loupaget.com

About the Author

Lou Paget is one of America's most popular 'sexperts'. She has fifteen years of sexuality research and extensive experience as a sex educator. Lou has run sell-out Sexuality Seminars since 1993, and writes regularly for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Playboy.

Rok vydania: 2000 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0749921048