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DVD Girl Play [2004] [DVD] -

Girl Play [2004] [DVD]


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The successful stage play REAL GIRLS, created and performed by real-life lovers Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon, is here adapted for the silver screen by Lee Friedlander (WASABI TUNA). Greenspan and Harmon play themselves--stand-up comics who have known each other for some time but never shared an attraction. Robin is in a committed relationship of six years, while Lacie is committed to nothing except her freedom. All this changes when the women are cast in a lesbian play, whose director, Gabriel, (Dom Delouise), encourages them to develop their intimacy to achieve greater depth of character in their performances. But the more time the women spend together, the more sparks fly, leading each to question their own perceptions of themselves. Meanwhile, Lacie struggles to come out to her mother, an overbearing matchmaker (Mink Stole), and Robin must deal with the jealousy of her control-freak lover. Funny and poignant, this retelling of the true story of how its stars met and fell in love is as heartwarming as it is important, filling a gap in lesbian films while addressing the larger questions of modern love.

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