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DVD Doors: Doors/Classic Albums Ed.08 -

Doors: Doors/Classic Albums Ed.08

EMI Music (2008)

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  • Intro
  • Break on through (to the other side)
  • The crystal ship
  • Back door man
  • Alabama (Whisky bar)
  • Light my fire
  • End of the night
  • The end
  • Ray gets to play a marxophone on 'Alabama song' (Bonusmaterial)
  • Robby plays slide guitar (Bonusmaterial)
  • Jim's studio adventures (Part 1) (Bonusmaterial)
  • Jim's studio adventures (Part 2) (Bonusmaterial)
  • How 'Moonligh drive' developed in the studio (Bonusmaterial)
  • Robby plays flamenco guitar (Bonusmaterial)
  • Michael McClure reads 'Break on through (to the other side)' (Bonusmaterial)
  • Ray plays 'Light my fire' solo (Bonusmaterial)
  • Ray tells how Jim is arrested on stage (Bonusmaterial)
  • Ray tells the story of the nightthey played 'The end' at the Whisky-A-Go-Go (Bonusmaterial)
  • John tells his tricks of the trade (Bonusmaterial)

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