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Kniha Overcoming Anxiety (Helen Kennerley) -

Overcoming Anxiety (Helen Kennerley)


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Constable and Robinson: Book Description

The bestselling CBT self-help guide that has helped thousands live life free from anxiety. Now with new, easy-to-read page layouts

Overcoming Anxiety has been developed as a self-help manual by Dr Helen Kennerley at her clinic in Oxford. A whole range of anxieties and fears is explained, from panic attacks and phobias to 'burn out' and executive stress. It is an indispensable guide for those affected, their friends and families, psychologists and others working in the medical profession. Includes an introduction to the nature of anxiety and stress. Contains an easy-to-follow self-help program and check sheets. Is based on successful, clinically proven techniques of cognitive therapy.

Rok vydania: 2009 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 1849010714