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DVD The Official Story Of Churchill - The Finest Hours -

The Official Story Of Churchill - The Finest Hours


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Product Description

This is the only authorised version of Churchill's war years, made with his full co-operation and blessing. It is an inspired and affectionate tribute to one of Britain's greatest men, portraying the Grand Old Man leading his country and her Empire through their finest hours; jaw set pugnaciously, eyes gleaming with determination or twinkling with humour, to defeat the evil of Nazism. Orson Welles tells the story of "Winnie" - statesman, writer and painter, the man who bestrode the world stage like a Colossus, symbolising not only his country's bloody-minded refusal to surrender, but also the ingenuity and eccentricities that defeated the forces battering at the shores of his beloved Britain. 'The Finest Hours' is a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill as he is best remembered: the war leader rallying the British nation in her darkest days after the fall of France, using his superb mastery of the English language to give hope to the vanquished and to strengthen the resolve of all who shared his indomitable fighting spirit.

Offers an account of the defiant actions of one of Britain's greatest leaders. This authorised documentary chronicles Sir Winston Churchill's war years.

Rok vydania: 2005 Rozmer: neuvedený