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DVD A Lizard In A Woman's Skin [1971] -

A Lizard In A Woman's Skin [1971]


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This cult movie classic, known in the US as SCHIZOID is a psychodrama murder mystery thriller (or giallo) involving LSD, psychoanalysis, lesbianism, and having at least one extremely gory dream sequence which involves eviscerated dogs: director Lucio Fulci (ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS, THE BEYOND) and effects supervisor Carlo Rambaldi (E.T. – THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL) had to prove in court that the dogs in question were fabricated and not real. Florinda Bolkan stars as the woman with all the clues to murder. Stanley Baker is the unlucky police inspector who has to separate what is fact from fantasy.

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený