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Kniha Harvesting the Heart (Jodi Picoult) -

Harvesting the Heart (Jodi Picoult)


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Hodder & Stoughton General Division: 'Jodi Picoult explores the fragile ground of ambivalent motherhood in this lush second novel' (New York Times Book Review )

'A brilliant, moving examination of motherhood, brimming with detail and emotion' (Richmond Times-Dispatch )

'Jodi Picoult's novels often focus on lives turned upside down by some terrible event, and it's her way with the small emotional detail that makes them so rewarding' (Marie Claire )

'Picoult is at her best when she is writing about motherhood' (New York Daily News )

'As always Picoult tackles this moral dilemma with honest conviction and beautifully written prose.' (Good Housekeeping Book of the Month )

'Features all of Jodi Picoult's trademark strengths.' (Daily Mail )

Paige has only a few vivid memories of her mother, who abandoned her when she was five. Now, having left home and her father for dreams of art school and marriage to an ambitious young doctor, Paige finds herself with a child of her own.

Emotionally and physically exhausted, overwhelmed by the demands of her family, Paige cannot forget her mother’s absence or the shameful memories from her own past. Her next step would have been unthinkable before her doubts about her maternal ability crept into her mind. Is it possible Paige’s baby would be better off without her?

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0340923016