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DVD Saxon: Saxon Chronicles -

Saxon: Saxon Chronicles


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Rok vydání: 2003

DISC 1. Wacken Open Air Concert 2001
1.Motorcycle Man 2.Dogs Of War 3.Heavy Metal Thunder 4.Cut Out The Disease 5.Solid Ball Of Rock 6.Metalhead 7.The Eagle Has Landed 8.Conquistador (drum— solo) 9.Crusader 10.Power & The Glory 11.Princess Of The Night 12.Wheels Of Steel (guitar— solo) 13.Strong Arm Of The Law 14.20000 Ft. 15.Denim & Leather
disc 1 bonusy: interview s Biff Byfordom, diskografia
— Saxon on tour Homevideo, 36 min.
— Saxon video clips: 1.Suzie Hold On 2.Power & The Glory 3.Nightmare 4.Back On The Street Again 5.Rockin' Again 6.(Requiem) We Will Remember 7.Unleash The Beast (plus behind the scenes) 8.Killing Ground
— Saxon TV, photo, press, web

Rok vydania: 2003 Rozmer: neuvedený