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DVD Charlie Chaplin - City Lights [1931] -

Charlie Chaplin - City Lights [1931]


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DVD Description

One of Chaplin's most highly acclaimed films, City Lights is both a classic and a personal statement in which the master of pantomime proves the eloquence of silence. Combining wonderful comedy in the finest Chaplin tradition and evocative drama, the Little Tramp falls in love with a beautiful, blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill). She believes he is wealthy and he, in turn, sets out to raise the money for the operation that could restore her sight. Through countless mishaps, a cycle of mistaken identities, and a lot of luck, he finally succeeds and the operation is a success. The final scene, in which the girl discovers the true identity of her benefactor, is a poignant encounter that has been lauded as one of the most memorable and moving moments in film comedy.

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