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DVD Righteous Kill [DVD] [2008] -

Righteous Kill [DVD] [2008]


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For those left unsatisfied by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino's near-lack of shared screen time in Michael Mann's masterful HEAT, RIGHTEOUS KILL promises a prominent pairing of the two legendary actors. De Niro and Pacino star as two cops who team up to catch a serial killer in this crime thriller from director Jon Avnet (FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, 88 MINUTES).

Carla Gugino (SPY KIDS, SNAKE EYES), John Leguizamo (WILLIAM SHAKEPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET, MOULIN ROUGE!), Donnie Wahlberg (THE SIXTH SENSE, SAW 2) and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson co-star in this compelling thriller.

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