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DVD The Best Of Spike Milligan -

The Best Of Spike Milligan


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DVD Description

Arguably the greatest comedian to have emerged in post-war Britain, Spike Milligan came into television from the seminal radio comedy The Goons. Spike’s TV output was to lose none of that show’s anarchic, surreal and devastatingly funny humour, as his series Q (1968-1980) and There’s A Lot Of It About (1982) broke every known television and comedy rule in sketch after sketch of nonsensical brilliance. This compilation captures the highlights of those series, including such classic sketches as The Eurovision Joke Contest, Spike as the singing Viking Maiden, insects auditioning for a David Attenborough series and much more assorted lunacy from the world of an indisputable comic genius.

Special Features

  • Scene Selection
  • Writers’ profiles
DVD Technical Information:
  • Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes approx.
  • Region Code: 2

Rok vydania: 2004 Rozmer: neuvedený