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CD album Queen: Live Magic

Queen: Live Magic

EMI Music (1993)

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Rok vydání: 1986

1.One Vision - (from the film "Iron Eagle")
2.Tie Your Mother Down
3.Seven Seas Of Rhye
4.A Kind Of Magic - (full live version)
5.Under Pressure
6.Another One Bites The Dust - (full live version)
7.I Want To Break Free
8.Is This The World We Created?
9.Bohemian Rhapsody
10.Hammer To Fall - (full live version)
11.Radio Ga- Ga
12.We Will Rock You
13.Friends Will Be Friends
14.We Are The Champions
15.God Save The Queen

Rok vydania: 1993 Rozmer: neuvedený Obal: CD obal