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DVD Armageddon (manga) -

Armageddon (manga)


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DVD Description

A satanic program is activated aboard a packed commercial flight bound for Tokyo, releasing a swarm of invisible demons that send the aircraft plunging into a fiery doom. Everyone aboard is killed instantly - everyone except Akito Kobayashi, owner of the devilish program and sworn ally of Hell itself. A week later, student Kojiro Soma is surprised to see Akito enrol as a new pupil. The lonely boy he befriended in elementary school has grown into a suave and arrogant teenager. But it is only later, when his classmates are attacked and legendary demons return to stalk the streets of Tokyo. That Kojiro begins to truly understand what his old friend has become...

Special Features

  • Digitally remastered
  • Chapter selection
  • Manga previews
DVD Technical Information:
  • Audio: English Stereo 2.0

Rok vydania: 2004 Rozmer: neuvedený